Carol has practiced yoga off and on throughout her life, but never really connected to the practice, so it wasn’t something that she did with any consistency. That all changed when she took a four-week beginner series at Trybe. Once she learned the basics, it laid the groundwork for a journey that would change her life.


Carol dedicated herself to a daily practice of yoga and found a sense of happiness and peace that was like nothing she had ever known. Through the practice of yoga, she learned many tools that have helped her manage anxiety and quiet the mind, and has been transformed by it.


Carol completed her 200 RYT certification through Trybe and has learned that she enjoys teaching yoga as much as practicing. She loves the idea of guiding others through their own yoga journey, making sure everyone feels safe, accepted and loved just as they are.


When Carol is not on the mat, she works as an executive assistant, rescues animals and enjoys spending time with her husband, Patrick, and their two crazy puppies, Deacon and Daisy.