Yoga has been a consistent thread throughout most of Charlotte's adult life since discovering her first class in the summer of 1997 in her home state of Virginia. This period of her life was very tumultuous; young, unpredictable, a live-for-the-moment, free spirit. These qualities are what instilled a deep connection to the practice of yoga for Charlotte; the cultivating of balance by becoming more aware of the need for feeling grounded and the need to nurture the mind and souls ability to live truly in the here and now.

Charlotte's life unveiled adventures through traveling and employment and yoga remained a source for comfort, guidance, and self-care. Due to trauma, depression took over her heart and her yoga practice disappeared into almost nothing. But it was the unconditional love and the healing power of the practice that was behind the motivating factors that led Charlotte to set in motion intentions that would positively transform her mental and physical health.

A proud graduate of the inaugural class of Trybe Yoga Teacher Training, Charlotte approaches every class with an intuition and mindfulness, listening intently to the verbal, physical and emotional cues so that each Hatha based practice is tailored to meet the needs of the students bodies, breaths, minds, and hearts.