Through Pranayama, or breathwork, we learn how to influence our life force energy by consciously changing the patterns of one of our most basic bodily functions - respiration. The goal is to interrupt the unconscious breathing patterns, which can all-too-easily be dictated by stress, anxiety, pain, distraction and fear.

Just like asana (the yoga postures), pranayama is a major tenant in the holistic practice of yoga. Pranayama is commonly intertwined with yoga postures through the breath-movement connection and ujjayi breath. In this workshop, we will be focusing on breathwork, exploring several pranayama techniques both in stillness — in a seated or reclined position — and in movement — through simple yoga flow sequences.

You will gain a greater understanding of the power of your breath and how to use different breathwork practices to improve your quality of life and the experience in your body. On a more personal level, I hope you leave the workshop feeling vibrant, full of life, and reconnected to your life’s healing journey.

Breath is life. If we change our breath, we can change our life.

May you always breathe with love.

Who is this Workshop For?
This workshop is open to all levels of yoga practitioners. Some prior familiarization with yoga is ideal but not a requirement. All that is required is an openness to learning about and exploring breathwork as an extension of your yoga practice.

This workshop will greatly benefit people that are dealing with stress, anxiety, fear, or just a feeling of dullness. It is geared toward those of you wishing to deepen your yoga practice and explore another branch of the yoga path.

Pre-registration is $25. Goes up to $30 after 3/1

Please know that it is not recommended to practice pranayama during the first trimester of pregnancy and there are certain techniques that are not recommended at any stage of pregnancy. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly at info@trybeyoga.com.