Trybe Student of the Month

January 2018

Julie Moon

December 2017


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 I discovered yoga through my running group about 3 years ago.  They were offering free weekly classes and one day I finally got the courage to give it a try. 

I was immediately drawn to the spiritual aspect and the idea of being a little easier on myself while listening to my body more.   Now after practicing for a few years, I feel the need to tell everyone I meet about the life changing effects of yoga.  I am so excited to see where my yoga journey takes me!


     From day one, everyone at Trybe Yoga has been so welcoming and warm.  I enjoy all the instructors and their unique styles.  Inspirational readings along with the music and the instructors voice always takes me to a place of calm and peace which carries me through my day.  I am so happy to be part of this nurturing studio and truly appreciate this honor. 

December 2017

Taylor Blair


At any time in the past when I did yoga it was only when my wife, Angela, attended and I might tag along. It was always relaxing but I never stuck with it, I just did it to spend time with Angela.

Two years ago on my 45th birthday I set a goal for myself to lose weight and get to my ‘ideal’ BMI. There was no I hard deadline it was just a decision to move towards something.  In thefirst year I lost 30lbs through just watching my diet and walking 2-4 miles every evening. In the second year I lost an additional 15lbs and increased my walking up to 4-12 miles a day. This led to setting a goal to hike 80 miles of the Continental Divide out of Silverton, CO to Wolf Creek, CO over a 7 day period in September of 2017.  After years of sleep problems, depression and having no energy I have seen a huge change in my life for the better.  I’ve still not hit my ‘ideal’ BMI but I’m adapting my goals as I move forward.  I’m accepting that my present weight may be right for me, but I’ll continue with my routine of walking, eating health and yoga. Who knows, I may vary up and down but as long as I feel great, sleep well and have a great outlook on life, I’ll take it!

My future goals now are to increase my mobility and with the help of my 9 and 12 year old daughters work towards doing a forward split.  While I’m at it, my youngest has decided I should learn to do a backflip and a handstand, lol. So in the future I may be doing yoga in a neck brace!  I’m also working towards a half marathon in January of 2018!  I plan to use yoga and all the great group of people at Trybe to help me get there!  I look forward to many more classes in the coming year.

November 2017

Mike Barker


I had to hit rock bottom before I could find the motivation to make things better. Back in April of this year, I twisted my ankle in a hole in my front yard. I  found myself face down in the mud, in pain, and unable to stand up on my own. I had just turned 48 in March and I was horribly out of shape, heavier than I had ever been, and at the point where doing normal things like bending over, walking, standing and sleeping were becoming increasingly difficult. I knew I needed to do something, something I could sustain, to change my life but I didn’t know what to do. Previous attempts to diet and lose weight had all failed. While I laid there in the muck, I decided I had to make a major change in my lifestyle so I spent the rest of April limping around, and trying to decide how to improve my situation.


A month or so later, on May the 4th (may the force be with you), I weighed in at 332.8 lbs and decided to start counting calories to try to lose some weight. Eat less, move more. Simple - I can do that. As chance would have it, I (half-jokingly) had told my wife the year before I wanted to try yoga.  Even though she laughed at me at the time, she bought me a mat for Christmas.  Months later the mat sat unused in the corner of my office, a sign of good intentions not acted upon. But now I was looking for some form of exercise that could scale with my abilities, or lack thereof, and thought yoga might fit the bill. I watched a couple “yoga for fat guys” videos on YouTube and decided to finally give yoga a try. I smartly decided I’d be better off finding a studio, and getting professional instruction, as opposed to trying to learn via video. 


I reached out to a local studio inquiring about a beginners series that was about to start, and I immediately received a welcoming, encouraging response that made me think that an old, bald, fat, out of shape guy should give yoga a try. The next day, on May 11th, my yoga journey began when I walked into the beginners series of Yoga classes at that small studio around the corner from my house. I’m not going to lie; sitting in the parking lot before the first class, I started my car back up and almost left, but I had made a commitment to myself to at least try it, and something told me this was my last chance.


That morning spent in the mud, not able to get up by myself, was my motivation. Now I was willingly getting down onto the floor, and struggling to get back up, hoping other people weren’t noticing how bad I really was. Even though I spent the first few classes just trying not to pass out, I enjoyed how yoga made me feel, and I knew I wanted to continue because I felt theimpact yoga had on me almost immediately. I practiced once a week for the first two months, then I slowly added in an additional practice when I felt that I could. I continued to add practices as I lost weight and started feeling better. During this time I first visited Trybe and immediately felt as welcomed, and as at home there, as I did at the studio where I first started.


Turns out yoga isn’t all skinny, fit, flexible, beautiful people twisting themselves into pretzels while standing on their head. Those yogis only provide a glimpse of what can be possible with practice, patience and persistence. What I’ve found is that yoga studios like Trybe are filled with ordinary people just like me. Maybe not all are as fat, or as bald, or as out of shape as me, but everyone is in their own space, dealing with their own issues in their own way, while taking time to honor their body and affect the change they want or need, without judgement.


Now 6 months after deciding to take up yoga, I attend an instructor-led practice every day. Today, November 5th, marks 43 straight days with at least one practice, and in total I’ve practiced 89 times since that first class. What I love is that I get something new from yoga with every practice. I’m down 60 lbs in 6 months. While I may have about 90 more pounds I'd like to lose, I look forward to getting down on the ground, every day. With each practice I get stronger and more flexible. I often think about that morning spent lying in the mud, and I draw motivation from it… but thanks to yoga, getting back up gets easier every day.


Yoga didn’t just improve my ability to pick myself up off the ground, it started to affect all aspects of my life. My attitude and outlook began to change. My wife of 18 years said I became “more pleasant.” I thought I was getting into yoga for exercise – I didn’t anticipate yoga’s additional benefits. The way you start each practice, settling into the space, focusing on your breath, letting go of life’s problems, and setting an intention, really resonates with me. The quiet moments of meditation and introspection, and trying the find the meditation in every pose, are as beneficial to my mind as a dozen sun salutations are for my body. That’s something yoga gave me that I didn’t know I needed. With a clear mind, I can concentrate on trying to improve... iImprove my focus, improve my strength, improve my flexibility, and improve my life. I try to apply that approach to every aspect of my daily life.


Although I’m only 6 months into my yoga journey, I know I’ll practice yoga for the rest of my life. I can’t imagine not practicing - there’s just so much I want to learn. I wish I had found yoga twenty years ago, but all of life’s ups and downs led to that moment face down in the mud, which eventually led me to yoga... the universe’s twisted way of getting me to that particular moment in time and saying, “you need yoga”. Because of yoga, I’m stronger today than yesterday. I feel better, I sleep better, I’m stronger, I’m more flexible, and I’m more focused in my daily life. I’m thankful for the for all of the encouragement I’ve received from the yogis and friends at Trybe and the other studios where I practice every week. I’m thankful I saw the sun again this morning, and have the chance to keep improving my life. I’m thankful I tripped, fell, and found yoga, and for the many ways yoga has changed my life. 

October  2017

Jessica Davey


Yoga has always been a treat for my body and mind. I started my yoga practice in the mid-90s and took classes regularly for about ten years. After the birth of my first child, my practice became more sporadic. I attended classes when I could, but I mainly practiced on my own at home. Now that all three of my kids are in school, I am so happy that I can take classes at a studio consistently again. The collective energy that comes from being part of a group really heightens the experience for me. I also like getting feedback on how to improve my form.

I have tried several studios in the North Austin/Cedar Park/Leander area, and I like Trybe the best. I like its intimate atmosphere and the welcoming environment Jen has created. She has also assembled a great group of teachers. Besides Jen, I have taken classes from Juliana, Christina, Kristin, Jessica, Sara, and Nicki. I highly recommend all of them. I like variety in my practice, so I also appreciate the mix of classes available at Trybe. 

Thank you to Jen and all of the teachers at Trybe! I hope to continue my yoga practice with you in the years to come! 

September 2017

Margaret Whitehead

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I was very surprised to be chosen student of the month as I am such a newcomer to yoga but I have truly loved my time with Trybe Yoga.  The year of 2016 was an unusually stressful year for both my husband and I so in December 2016 I decided we both needed to do something to relieve our stress. I decided that yoga would be worth a try and began calling studios in the Cedar park/ Leander area. 

When I spoke with Jen on the phone I just knew in my heart that I had found the right place for us. We have been participating in the Tuesdayevening Restorative Yin class with Juliana since January, and it has done both of us a world of good! 

Juliana has a wonderful way of describing the poses and working us through them. It has been so beneficial to learn how to concentrate on breathing and let other things go. We have enjoyed the other instructors who have subbed for her when she was not available. Thank you Trybe Yoga for being there for my husband and I !


August 2017

Shelly Lucas


When I found Trybe, I was suffering from a toxic work-life imbalance. My job was consuming my time – and my soul. I needed to fortify my spirit – fast. I had tried yoga for a short time more than ten years ago in another state, and I really enjoyed it. On impulse, I signed up for a hatha class with Jessica.

After just one class, I left the studio feeling stronger and more relaxed than I had in years! I don’t know how Jessica did it, but she guided us in way that enabled me to actually meditate during practice – something I had never experienced before!

I wouldn’t trade the Trybe community for anything. To all the amazing teachers and fabulous students, I say “thank you” for being so loving, supportive, and fun! I’m truly blessed to share my life’s journey with all of you.   

Shelly is a professional writer and content marketer. In addition to yoga, she enjoys collecting art, decorating, and snuggling with her two kitties, Pisa and Ava. 

JULY 2017

Diane Wyman



 I am honored and humbled to be chosen as a student of the month.


I began my yoga journey, here, with the Trybe, after attending a free class with Christina, in September of 2015. Yoga was an activity I admired for the combination of physical strength and spirituality, but I had never tried. After recently moving to Leander and away from the life I had known for so long, I wanted to do something for myself.

I felt such a high vibe in the Trybe studio on that first day, that I was determined to make a go of it. The flow classes and downward dogs made feel nauseated at first ( I have really annoying motion sickness). But after awhile that dissipated and then disappeared! I have even found that I can ride in the back of seat of a car now without feeling sick.

I feel so welcomed at the Trybe and such a strong sense of community. I look forward to every day that I can attend. The instructors are so knowledgable and caring. Christina always keeps us safe through all our poses. Her sense of humor is so uplifting and loving. While meditating, I love using her imagery of breathing, like the movement of a jellyfish, in mind. I also walk around with Aimee’s instruction to keep my stomach activated at 10% all the time.  Even though I’ve only attended a few of her classes, Jen’s leadership and love of yoga permeates the studio and I feel that. Malia’s restorative class is truly restorative. Yoga Nidra with Nicki is a wonderful trip. I could go on and on about why I love the Trybe, but I bet everyone who comes feels the same way.

I get so much from yoga and feel truly blessed to be considered a member of the Trybe, ya’ll!




May 2017

Lisa Claus


Trybe Journal Entry: NOVEMBER, 2016

I am depressed,.....go to work, come home, drink wine until bedtime, sit on the couch, become TV zombie, gain weight,....the cycle repeats,....


Then something happened.  I shared with my daughter, Shannon Claus, that I needed something, but didn't know "what".

She said, "Mom, you should try Trybe Yoga.  My friend, Jen, opened up her own studio, and it's small and intimate".

Something about "small and intimate" got my attention, and I thought, "I have nothing to lose".



I set a plan to try Trybe Yoga.  I decided to try the different "types" to see which one I might like.  SO, the first week of December, I went 5 days in a row, trying All level flow, hatha, restorative yin, and spirit flow.  Guess what,....I loved them ALL !!


The rest is history.

Needless to say, it was one of the best decisions I've made in my life.

I am finally on my "life" journey of finding ME.  I am finding my breath, my Prana.

With my new breath, I am accepting myself, finding self love, sharing more love, letting go of those things that don't serve me well.


I have lost my "couch" weight, and I have gained a wonderful new family who share their gifts and talents with me and all those who come.


I have found My Trybe.




March 2017

Sharon Gillispie


I am very humbled to be chosen as Student of the Month!

    Last spring I was diagnosed with anxiety. The professionals I saw suggested I take a yoga class to see if I noticed any improvement. I was apprehensive to go by myself. I searched for someone to go with me with no luck. I made it a personal goal to go with or without someone. I ended up going a couple of times on my own. Then I told friends how great it was and a few friends joined me. I loved it!

    The teachers at Trybe Yoga made me feel comfortable and safe.  They were very welcoming.  I am thankful to everyone who has helped make my journey with anxiety much easier to deal with.

                        With gratitude,


February 2017

Sheryl Morris


January 2017

Carol Britan

What a great honor it is to be the student of the month at Trybe!  I’ve taken yoga classes over the years but I never really “got it” until I found the Trybe.  Back in 2015, I read in one of the local papers that a new yoga studio was going to be opening up in Leander.  I really wanted to give yoga another shot and I live in Cedar Park, so this place was truly in my backyard.  So, I showed up on Trybe’s opening day at the very first class at 6:30AM and it was just me and Jen!!  Jen told me her story of what she went through to get the studio open that day and I felt an instant connection with her.  And I got my own private yoga session!     Unfortunately, I didn’t go back to Trybe until almost a year later.  I turned 50 in March of 2016 and had spent years putting myself through strenuous workouts and training and my body was starting to give me some pretty clear signals that I needed to take care of myself in a different/better way.  I looked at the Trybe schedule and they had a beginner series that started in April, so I registered.  Amy was the teacher and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me understand what the practice of yoga was all about.  I learned about chaturangas, sun salutations and the sweet, sweet cherry on top – shavasana!  I’ve learned how important being aware of my breath is, the beauty of true self love and self care and how amazing it feels to take all of the things I learn on the mat out into the world. I love my Trybe family and have such gratitude for everyone I’ve met there!  Thank you Jen for creating this space for all of us. NAMASTE

What a great honor it is to be the student of the month at Trybe!  I’ve taken yoga classes over the years but I never really “got it” until I found the Trybe.  Back in 2015, I read in one of the local papers that a new yoga studio was going to be opening up in Leander.  I really wanted to give yoga another shot and I live in Cedar Park, so this place was truly in my backyard.  So, I showed up on Trybe’s opening day at the very first class at 6:30AM and it was just me and Jen!!  Jen told me her story of what she went through to get the studio open that day and I felt an instant connection with her.  And I got my own private yoga session!   

Unfortunately, I didn’t go back to Trybe until almost a year later.  I turned 50 in March of 2016 and had spent years putting myself through strenuous workouts and training and my body was starting to give me some pretty clear signals that I needed to take care of myself in a different/better way.  I looked at the Trybe schedule and they had a beginner series that started in April, so I registered.  Amy was the teacher and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me understand what the practice of yoga was all about.  I learned about chaturangas, sun salutations and the sweet, sweet cherry on top – shavasana!

I’ve learned how important being aware of my breath is, the beauty of true self love and self care and how amazing it feels to take all of the things I learn on the mat out into the world. I love my Trybe family and have such gratitude for everyone I’ve met there!  Thank you Jen for creating this space for all of us. NAMASTE


December 2016

M.A. Hakanson

M.A. Hakanson.jpg


November 2016

Saumya Singh


I have practiced Yoga earlier in my teenage years and used to enjoy it a lot too. As life got busier, I completely stopped practicing Yoga in my 20s. When the 2016 New Year hit, I decided that this was the year for personal growth. I had realized that the busy life as an engineer was blocking me from my own mental growth. The first thing that popped on my list was to get rid of unnecessary stress of everyday of life. With daily stress, just pure physical activity (like cardio) was not enough to get me back to my normal equilibrium.. So, I started with meditation for at least 15 minutes every day. When that started to help with the stress and anxiety of good old corporate America, I realized that mental health is equally important as physical. So, I decided to take it one step further and start with adding a few Yoga classes because Yoga offers the best of both worlds (mental and physical)

 In my search for the perfect studio, Trybe popped on my list as the best candidate. Trybe is a very warm, safe and welcoming environment for people at every levels of Yoga practice. I felt welcome and I fit right in from my first class with Jessica. By the end of the first class, I knew there was no way I was stopping. The calm, focus and relaxation I felt after my first class was a feeling I had not experienced in quite a while. I was not someone who doesn’t exercise regularly. I do HIIT, strength training, kick boxing, but for me, adding Yoga to my physical activity routine adds a whole another level of focus, discipline, calm and happiness. I have taken classes with Malia, Jessica, Aimee and Kristin. They all have very warm and patient personalities. They each bring their own flair to each class and make it unique. They all truly seem to love practicing Yoga and teaching it to people like me just getting back to their mats. Each class is always customized based on the students’ needs. They have never started a class without asking people if there was a special request or special area you needed work on. Kristin challenged me to my first ever head stand. I consider this as a huge personal victory as I never thought I could ever do a head stand and reap the benefits of inversions by including them in my practice. I would not have been able to do it if I didn’t completely trust the teachers at Trybe. All the teachers are always positive, supportive and wonderful in every class. Every day after work I look forward to going in for my Yoga practice at Trybe. I also like and appreciate the ease with which the Trybe website enables you to explore class schedules. It is very easy for me to sign up for that day’s class online based on how my schedule is looking and mange my practices. I am so happy I found this place and look forward to growing and continuing my practice with the Trybe family.

October 2016



What an honor to be selected as student of the month at Trybe Yoga.  Yoga is an important part of my life and the classes at Trybe are inspiring and have allowed me to become stronger physically and spiritually.

I took a class from Jen a few years ago and immediately felt like we were long time friends.  I love the way she explains the poses, states ways to safely execute the poses, gives modifications, and encourages her students to go with the flow.  All the teachers at Trybe are master teachers and have expanded my abilities to practice.  I feel a close bond with the Trybe community and always feel like I am coming home when I attend a class.

September 2016

Lauren Lane


August 2016

Charlotte Gassaway

May 2016

Stacey Murrell

I got into Yoga after I retired in 2012 in Michigan.  Yoga is not just a practice I enjoy, but has become something that I require in my life.  The peace it give me is food my body requires.  Trybe to me is a family!  It is a community of friends that is so welcoming, and I enjoy every moment with these yogis!  Trybe teachers are all different in their own way, but I look forward to the different styles of teaching and challenges they put in front of us.  I LOVE TRYBE!  Thanks for honoring me with Student of the month!!

April 2016

Yoga David Lee Daigle 

March 2016

Katherine Caffrey

When I think of the most significant decisions I’ve made that truly shaped my identity and have made my life more positive, yoga is easily in the top 5. I began practicing yoga 10 years ago when I was living in Arkansas. As a person intimidated by gyms and hard exercise, I liked that it didn’t seem “too hard” and I liked the fun crazy pants and, of course, savasana at the end. I was a casual yogi…and didn’t think much of my practice. In fact, I probably didn’t call it “practice” for the first few years.

When I moved to Austin 8.5 years ago, I found myself in a city where I knew no one and beginning a career that was (and continues to be) incredibly demanding—both from a time perspective and mentally and emotionally. All of a sudden, I had a crisis of confidence. I was in my mid-20s and unsure of who I was, what I was doing, and if I’d ever be happy or successful or calm. So, I returned to the mat…and this time it clicked. In a big way.

My professional life requires me to flex all sorts of muscles—tough negotiation muscles, politically savvy muscles, execution of time-sensitive and challenging work muscles, etc. Basically, it requires me to be “on” and “tough” and “smart”…and that can feel very hard sometimes. I love that yoga, and the yoga community, is a space that cultivates softness. It’s where I stretch and strengthen my muscles—physically and emotionally. In a world where we are constantly going, constantly climbing, constantly achieving…it’s so nice to have a space where whatever you bring with you that day is just right.

I found Jen and Trybe through a mutual yoga connection we have, and am so glad the connection was made. Trybe is a space of the loveliest people who are friendly, down to earth, talented, nurturing…and who allow softness. And sometimes celebrating softness can be the most challenging work there is.

I love, love, love Trybe yoga…in fact, I wish I could go every day and just hang out and soak up the good energy. And I still dig the fun pants. 

Feb 2016

Maria Perez

My yoga origins story is pretty unique, to say the least. In 2013 my “mysterious” vertigo came back, I had been suffering from this “mystery” off and on for five years. Several medications, several tests (some extreme), and seeing all types of specialists and no one had any answers. It wasn’t until I saw a physical therapist who was convinced it was muscular, my horrible posture. He banned me from continuing the weight-training and TRX I had been doing for the past six months. I was crushed since I had lost 20 lbs and was at my fittest and thinnest I had ever been. He did, however, allow me to continue to run, cycle and do yoga, but I was pretty devastated and stopped all exercise. I had randomly taken yoga classes before, but I was never really present and only viewed it as stretching. I began doing yoga regularly in 2014 when I discovered a new yoga studio in Augusta, GA. It was life changing. I found a supportive yoga teacher named Rebecca (and later, Frankie) who helped me understand my limitations, taught me to never judge or compare myself, to “do no harm” and to “stay on my mat”. With Rebecca and Frankie leaving that studio at the end of 2014, with my surgery in January 2015 and our move to Austin, TX in March 2015, I stopped all exercise again. It wasn’t until late May 2015, when I read a small blurb in a local newspaper about a new yoga studio that opened nearby, Trybe Yoga, that I found yoga again. By this time I had lost all my previous muscle strength, gained weight, was adjusting to life after my surgery and Texas. Just after the first class, I knew I found a studio with amazing teachers that would continue to support my journey. One teacher in particular, Christina, really made my transition to my new life much easier. With the longer “check-ins”, I found she really made an effort to understand my issues. I gained my confidence back and went from only Hatha classes a few times a week to Sprit Flow five times a week. Even though it’s taking me longer to gain my shoulder and core strength back, I know that I am doing it in a safe way. Jen has created an amazing studio and has found amazing teachers who all follow similar yoga styles of my previous teachers. I am truly honored to be student of the month. Thanks ladies!!

January 2016

Steve La Perla

My name is Steve LaPerla and I am 55 years old (whew…, saying that out loud blows my mind!) and I have been married for over 26 years and have two beautiful daughters. My wife Genna and I have lived in the Austin area since 1992 and I own a small business right next door to Trybe Yoga called Texas Office Machines. I have been the owner for over 21 years now, selling and servicing Copiers, Fax and Printers. I have been doing that for my entire “professional” life, since I was 18. I always thought I’d grow up and get a “real” job someday, but I guess this is my calling. I’ve never been bored by what I do. However, the mental and physical stresses of this job have begun to really eat into my body, and this is one of the reasons I recently decided to make some much-needed changes.

 I have done yoga before in my life, but it had been many years, and it was to pre-recorded video tape in my living room. I don’t know why I never continued with it, but I now realize that was a mistake.

 The way that I came about doing yoga at Trybe was more of a “persistent proximity” than a conscious choice, so it seems. When Jen moved into the suite next door to my office, I found her to be an absolutely DELIGHTFUL person… Jen’s warmth, awesome smile and cool demeanor seemed irresistible to me (plus, she’s a terrific neighbor!) and about a year after meeting her and speaking with her, I decided to finally come see what it was all about again, and fit yoga into my busy schedule. I am not someone who enjoys physical movement, but my body has been so abused from some of the more sedentary activities of fixing a copy machine, or the many hours driving to and from all 4 corners of Central Texas to see my customers every day.

 We started taking yoga again in mid November 2015 and I realized WHY everyone flocks to these classes! Yoga is the polar opposite of what goes on inside my head daily: quiet, stillness and FOCUS… As I get older, I am starting to realize WHY so many of the Eastern philosophies are the way that they are… because they WORK! I am in awe of what these ancient civilizations have learned about the human body (opposite of Western) and I am thoroughly enjoying the peace and quietly meditative study of yoga and what it offers my tired brain and body. I have been dealing with many medical issues since owning a business and I have to say I really look forward to my time on the mat.We love ALL the teachers at Trybe that we have practiced with, but my favorite has to be Aimee. Aimee has a style and a calmness with the way she practices that I rarely see in people any more, of any persuasion. She seems to truly LOVE to practice yoga, but you can tell that she absolutely enjoys helping her students achieve what they came there for, and customizes each class to each person’s need. She will even go around the room during class to help students with poses or bring them blankets and other items they may have forgotten to get off the shelf. That’s really special.

 As of this writing, I am still very much a beginner yoga student, and I have trouble being on my feet too long, especially when I have to balance on one foot too long or other such poses. But because yoga is a No Pain, No Pain discipline, its all good! All the teachers are always supportive and wonderful to work with, so I am looking forward to continuing.

Thank you to TRYBE YOGA.

December 2015

Patty Ortega

My journey began with the Viet Nam War and the rumble of change that was forcefully injected into all our lives. A dear friend introduced me to Yoga at that time - meditative yoga - it suited and strengthened me. Years passed, and the meditation stayed; a marriage, two children, a career in commercial illustration, several dogs, a horse and a total house remodel found me looking around for something to ease stress. Hatha Yoga was introduced and served as a mild antidote, however Hatha at that particular time in life was kinda like taking meds. My teacher was a woman from India who taught in the Iyengar style; very strict, very serious and quite rigid. However, in time the yoga became a remedy and my teacher became a friend.

Practice was so different then: a set routine, no modifications, no music, a cold darkened room and very serious. Class lasted either 90 minutes or 2 hours with pranayama and alternate nostril breathing at the end of every session. I don't think I would have continued on with yoga except for the fact that I was supporting my friend and the mantra she always recited from Iyengar's teachings...."you're as young as your spine is flexible". This, probably for obvious reasons, always haunted me. My thoughts of continuing on with yoga dissolved while in the process of moving to Texas - it was a thing of the past.

Of all the wonderful changes that came about after settling into our Texas home...Christina's guidance in reintroducing me to Yoga was the next best thing that ever happened. The first best thing was, of course, being around our son, Chris and daughter-in-law, Christina. Time passed, situations changed, Yoga grew, and morphed into another life form. We all grew as Yoga became a feature of our lives. And now we're here at Trybe, doing Yoga every day and integrating its principals into every aspect of life. Coming to class, seeing all of you and other students, being empowered with strength, knowledge and confidence has given new highlights to my life. Thank you with all my heart to the Trybe instructors I've had the honor to practice with: Jen, Christina, Aimee, Bridgid, Malia, Jaclyn, Dottie and Beth. And to the teachers I've yet to practice with: Sheryl and Kristin.

November 2015

Tamie Blanton

I have tried yoga in one form or another off and on for several years. I tried hot yoga (couldn’t really breathe) and “big gym” yoga where the class is taught in a huge room with music thumping right outside the clear glass doors to the rest of the gym - people often opening the door to grab weights or coming in to practice their hip hop routine not realizing we were in the middle of Savasana! I didn’t hate that class - the stretching was actually a treat to myself after a week of “real exercise” :walking, running, zumba or spinning. But it never really meant anything more to me than a nice stretch followed by a few minutes lying quietly (I always liked that part - still do!) I was oblivious to what I was missing. When I found Jen, that all changed.

Yoga at Trybe is so much more than physical. For me it is often eye opening, heart opening, and soul searching. Her message at the beginning of class often hits me right where it needs to. But even more than that - the workout is amazing. I sweat. I push myself. I am oh so far from being able to do half of what some of these amazing students can do, but I feel stronger than I ever have and even though I am still doing other forms of workout, yoga is an integral part of my physical fitness. Thanks to the challenge of yoga, the inspiration I get from the other members of the class and, of course, from Jen, I have lots 42 pounds! I have a long road to go, but feel more confident than ever that I can get there. If someone told me I had to stop doing all physical activity except for one, there is no question that yoga would be my keeper. I am so thankful for Trybe Yoga!!