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Erin has been practicing yoga on and off since 2007. It wasn’t until she moved to Austin, in

2016, that the call to her Mat was too strong to ignore. Yoga not only helped her find grounding

and stability after multiple cross country moves, but helped open her path to self-exploration,

acceptance, and transformation.

She went through Trybe’s Teacher Training to deepen her own practice and continue on her

own Journey of self-discovery. What she found was a love to share her knowledge with others,

and to help them on their path. She is a physical therapist and has a deep understanding of the

human body. This allows her to bring a watchful and caring eye to the practice as well as

thoughtful modifications.

When she isn’t working or on her Mat, she enjoys spending time with her two pups, reading,

traveling, exploring the outdoors, and being on the water.

Favorite quote "Love in such a way others feel free" -- Thich Nhat Hanh